The band of armed anti-government radicals still occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are still livestreaming, and they claim they’re prepared to die in a shootout with the FBI. Excited, even.

In the above clip from the ongoing livestream, an unidentified gunman asks for militia reinforcements, begging anyone sympathetic to their cause (such as it is) to join them at Malheur—especially since they might get a chance to shoot cops and die:

Get here! Get some! This is history in the making! There are no laws in this United States now, this is free for all armageddon, any L.E.O., or military, or law enforcement or feds who stand up and fuck their oath and don’t....a bide by their oath, are the enemy.... if they stop you from getting here, kill them!

Behind the man, an excavator moves around piles of dirt without any apparent purpose. Later in the stream, two men discuss how they might shoot down an airplane circling overhead.

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