When a big drug trafficking operation is brought down in the real world, its participants usually go to ground and lie low for a while. But the aftermath of last Tuesday's bust of the on online drug market Silk Road, has witnessed a remarkable amount of public chatter from sellers and buyers.

Yesterday, a Reddit user "throwaway96213"announced on Reddit's Silk Road subreddit that he had just made bail after being arrested in Washington. He wrote:

I was arrested by FBI and local police for attempt to purchase and possession of narcotics on Tuesday and just had bail posted this morning. I only ever made purchases on SilkRoad and never sold. I always encrypted my stuff, but they busted a vendor I bought from apparently and that individual kept the post-decryption plaintext on his hard drive =/. They've got like a month's worth of correspondence and package watching on my address. Unfortunately, I still had some of the product (felony quantity) so that's where the possession charge comes from.

The redditor claims to have purchased from a number of Washington state users, including "NOD," one of the Silk Road's most well-known vendors. Earlier this month, feds arrested 40-year-old Steven Lloyd Sadler of Bellvue, Washington and accused him of being NOD, who was well-known for his heroin, coke and meth. The thread is full of doubters, and I was unable to confirm the arrest. The Seattle FBI field office could not comment on the investigation, saying the government shutdown has limited their media team to only discussing urgent matters of national security. A call to the FBI's New York office, which is leading the investigation, was not returned.

But another user by the name of KeyKid who claims he also was busted and "the majority of people on the forum dismissed my story as rubbish because they didn't want to believe they too could be caught." The fallout from Silk Road continues...