Jennifer Lawrence spoke to Vanity Fair recently about having dozens of nude selfies stolen and put on the internet. You will be surprised to find out that the users of Reddit had obscenely dense reactions to this interview.

A link to the interview was posted to r/TheFappeningDiscussion, the celebrity hacking clearinghouse that is the slightly less seedy spawn of r/TheFappening, where the original nudes were first dumped for the greater world to see.

Here are some of the things written in the Lawrence interview thread. There is, of course, performative misogyny:

There is non-performative misogyny:

There is Reddit users getting miffed at being implicated in violating Lawrence's privacy:

There are false equivalencies:

There are claims of REAL HYPOCRISY:

There are, perhaps most absurdly, calls for Lawrence and other victims to create a foundation that will fund the development of "truly powerful local encryption software":

And there are, to be fair, plenty of dissent to these opinions across the thread.

But if you were wondering, generally speaking, if the unwashed boys of the internet have had their minds materially affected by the fallout from the nudes hack, the answer is probably what you thought it was.