To celebrate making old episodes of Seinfeld available for streaming, Hulu created a replica of Jerry’s apartment in Manhattan. Yesterday, on day one of the exhibit, some grown child briefly broke it. This person then sent a video of the incident to Curbed, and shared the resulting article on his Facebook page with the following caption: “Hello world, it’s me. The Sein-failed guy. My inner Kramer is beaming.”

No Soup For Man Who Broke Seinfeld Door!!!

Bum...Ba Din Ding Dun POP! Ba Dun POP! Broken Door

Like Seinfeld, Man Who Broke Seinfeld Door Is Not Funny or Interesting

Man to Be Shot After Damaging Seinfeld Door We Love

Headline Contest for a Story That Seems Funny at First Glance But Is in Fact Terrible

Streaming Video Service Airs Sitcom, Yadda Yadda Yadda, Fake Door Is Now Broken

[via Curbed]

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