Turns out the Grinch is real, and he's actually a woman. Janice Tully, a woman from Hyannis, Massachusetts, was arrested yesterday for stealing a haul of donated toys meant for her neighbors' five children.

Tully volunteered on Christmas Eve to drive the kids' parents to two Toys for Tots locations so they could make this the best Christmas ever. But after the parents picked up their Christmas miracle at the second location, Tully sped off with the $500 haul of toys—and no one else in the car. (We'll dismiss speculation that she was seen with an antlered dog named Max.)

The stranded victims took a taxi home. When they found Tully, she informed them (probably with a wicked smirk on her face) that the toys were gone. But the police found differently: some of the "missing" toys were found still in Tully's trunk, though she would not reveal where the rest went.

Tully's heart did not grow three sizes that day, but the story does have a happy ending: she was fined $250 and held on $200 bail. And Toys for Tots replaced the missing toys in time for Christmas.

[image of a different Grinch via AP]