When a lady gets married, it's traditional that the man who had sex with her on camera should donate four months' worth of his profits from the sex tape to the happy newlyweds. And by "traditional," I mean "a new thing Ray J just made up."

TMZ reports that singer/sex-haver Ray J, famous for having sex with Kim Kardashian, plans to write Kim and Kanye a check for around $47,000, representing his profits from Kim K. Superstar from January through April of this year.

Vivid Entertainment says the sex tape has grossed $50 million, and Kim's share is said to be "at least" as big as Ray J's.

If Kim and Yeezy reject Ray J's gracious wedding present, he's offered to donate the money to Kim's favorite charity instead. (The Kardashian family's favorite charity is reportedly itself.)

[Photo: Getty Images]