Nothing marks the annual return of the McRib like the annual attempts to ruin the McRib with breathless horror stories exposing its "secret ingredient" (think smaller and more legs).

The latest "exposé" comes from a Redditor who says a McDonald's employee friend supplied him with a photo of "raw McRib meat."

The image, apparently snapped inside a Canadian McDonald's where the McRib will be available all month long, depicts a hand holding up a frozen slab of pork slurry shaped like a rack of ribs.

Despite upvoting the photo over 10,000 times, Redditors received its content with a mix of yawns and shrugs.

The top comment currently reads: "Oh, no. It's raw, frozen meat that is perfectly edible. Run for your lives."

And, for once, I'm with the hivemind. Let the naysayers neigh. More limited-edition porkstuff for us.

[H/T: Gothamist]