The latest terrible fake food scandal from China resulted in more than 900 arrests after criminal meat processors sold the chemical-soaked flesh of rats and foxes as "lamb meat." As more Chinese demand a daily supply of dead farm animals as food, crafty criminals are butchering and processing anything that moves.

Mink, fox, rat and chicken claws have been discovered in food packaged as cow meat or mutton. Health officials have just completed a nationwide three-month crackdown on "meat related offenses," according to Xinhua.

Some of the meat crimes are hardly different from general U.S. slaughterhouse and meat-processing practices, such as injecting poultry with water to increase the weight and price, or soaking the flesh of diseased animals with chemicals.

China's growing wealth and demand for food made from animals has created a massive market for cheaply produced meat and dairy often created from industrial supplies, slaughterhouse waste and vermin.

Police admit China has "deep-seated food safety problems."