Identical twins are rare, but monoamniotic identical twins, who share the same amniotic sac and placenta, are even more so—they make up just 1% of all twin pregnancies. That's why everyone is so excited that a lucky Ohio mom gave birth Friday to a pair of "mono mono" twins who clutched each other's hands as doctors held them up.

"They're already best friends," said Akron, Ohio, mom Sarah Thistlethwaite, 32.

Twin sisters Jillian and Jenna were each born at around four pounds. Although they avoided umbilical cord entanglement, one of the biggest risks of mono mono pregnancies, they did need some breathing help. They'll stay at Akron Children's Hospital for two to four weeks.

Their mom, a middle school math teacher, is especially excited about their arrival because she's been on bed rest since March. She spent the time on TV, books, "trashy gossip magazines," and YouTube videos about crocheting baby hats.

The twins also have an older brother, Jaxon, who is 1.

[Photo Credit: Akron Children's Hospital]