The biggest Magic: The Gathering tournament of the year featured more than 4,000 players and at least 15 exposed buttcracks.

A rapper and Magic player who goes by "OB1" showed up to Grand Prix Richmond to play, but after he dropped out of the tournament, he passed the time by posing "hardstyle" with some inadequately covered asscheeks. He posted the photos to Imgur.

Rumor has it that OB1, who says on Reddit that he's about to open a game store, has received a temporary ban from Magic for his antics.

The rapper says Magic players are generally nice, fine-smelling people, and his stunt wasn't about being "fashion police."

"I am not making fun of these people for dressing the way they are. Their asscrack is exposed. That has nothing to do with fashion," he wrote on Reddit.

OB1 has not yet apologized to Magic players for embarrassing them or to the Internet for inflicting these photos on it.

Update: Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic, has banned OB1 from tournaments for the next 18 months in response to community backlash against the Crackstyle prank.

[H/T: Daily Dot, Photo Credit: Obi1FBM/Reddit]