“My every waking hour is to try to stop Donald Trump from being our nominee,” Rand Paul once said of the man he will be voting for in November.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on Friday that Paul said he would support the Republican presidential frontrunner if he earns the nomination, as a vote for a man he once called a “delusional narcissist and an orange-faced windbag” is better than a vote for his likely opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“I think we never get the candidate we exactly want unless you’re the candidate,” Paul said. “Think about it from this perspective: I’m from Kentucky, and Hillary Clinton recently said she would put coal miners out of business, and she would put coal companies out of business.”

Previously, Paul called Trump a “disaster for the Republican Party,” said he was “bad for America,” compared him to Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, and said he’s was “not sure I would say Trump is Hitler – Goebbels maybe.”

Such is the cycle of American politics, wherein a groveling, dejected flop must cannibalize his own values, swallow the lump in his staunchly libertarian throat, and place a vote for his orange-faced nightmare.

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