Photo: AP

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported on Saturday that the Republican Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, has yet to pay off $301,108 in debt accrued during his failed presidential bid, according to his most recent Federal Elections Commission filing, on June 30. Poor Rand only has $2,558 in cash on hand to balance his debts, at present.

Paul hasn’t been on a big stage in some time, but you might remember him as that guy who said in his closing remarks during a Republican debate last year, “The greatest threat to our national security is our debt.”

A lot of small business owners, the kind that presidential hopefuls are always invoking their speeches, aren’t happy about Paul putting them out of hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars.

Peter Kutrumanes, who’s the general manager of a tech rental company that lent $3,962 of equipment to Paul’s campaign told the Herald-Leader that his company, “just won’t do business” with Paul again.

Kelsey Cooper, a campaign spokesperson told the Herald-Leader, “Everyone will be paid in full.”

The Herald-Leader reported that of the five senators who ran for president but failed to win the nomination, Marco Rubio is the one also currently in debt (he’s nearly 1,782,657 in debt with only 28,848 to spare).