Not content to let Chris Christie dominate the national hypocrite conversation Monday, Rand Paul—a certified doctor who vaccinated his own children—said he believes there's a link between vaccines and "profound mental disorders."

Via NBC:

In an interview with the network Monday, Paul said that vaccines are "a good thing" but that parents "should have some input" into whether or not their children must get them.

And he gave credence to the idea - disputed by the majority of the scientific community - that vaccination can lead to mental disabilities.

"I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines," he said.

That freedom to allow one's child to host a debilitating and highly contagious disease is already paying off—the CDC says more than 100 people contracted measles after an unvaccinated kid went on vacation to Disney World last month.

Paul, who again, went to medical school and vaccinated his own children, said his piece on Laura Ingraham's radio show Monday. The quotes were distributed the same day by the Democratic National Committee, which is reportedly thrilled about the prospect of the Republican candidates stooping to anti-vaccination conspiracy theory campaigns.

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