Several Delta flight attendants testified against Ralph Lauren's niece Jenny today, describing a drunken expletive-laden rampage that culminated in an emergency landing — all because Lauren's seat wouldn't recline properly.

Lauren was on a transatlantic Delta flight from Barcelona to New York when she discovered her 21st-row seat was defective. But when a flight attendant tried to help Lauren, the 41-year-old designer apparently told her to "get the fuck out of her face."

Despite the flight attendant doing just that, Lauren became enraged and chased the woman up the aisle into the first class cabin, pushed her against a wall, and called her a "fucking ugly blonde bitch."

According to a witness, "Passengers were getting concerned and standing up out of their seats. She told the air hostess she was going to go ballistic and pushed the air hostess hard and she hit her back against the wall of the aircraft."

Lauren thought even less of a second flight attendant who tried to intervene, deeming her a "fucking ugly, unhappy blonde bitch."

She also told the pilot that he was an asshole.

Lauren, who was arraigned inside a pub yesterday, also explained that she asked an Irish police officer who arrested her at the Shannon airport to speak English because she thought she was in Spain.

Lauren admitted to combining medication with at least three drinks before the transatlantic flight.

In the end, Lauren — who still faces civil liabilities for the emergency landing, which cost Delta $43,158 to divert more than 200 people — was fined € 2,500 and released.

[image via Twitter]