Dozens of people gathered Tuesday outside the Towne East Square mall in Wichita to protest the arrest of a black man who was charged with criminal trespassing for walking around the mall in a black hoodie with a sign around his neck that read "If I don’t stand for something then I will fall for anything #RIPTrayvon Martin."

25-year-old A.J. Bohannon was taken into custody on Monday by Wichita Police after refusing mall security's request to remove the sign.

The guards had also asked him to remove his hoodie, which he reluctantly did, but only after inquiring why the mall sold hoodies if patrons weren't allowed to wear them.

Protesters who came out to show their support for Bohannon decried his arrest as a form of racial profiling.

In the midst of their peaceful rally, which also featured signs called for "Justice for Trayvon," two rotund individuals showed up, clearly intending to incite a riot.

One of the two white men can be seen in footage from the protest wearing a T-shirt that says "this shirt can say NIGGER because it is black."

According to the video's description, Wichita police were called to defuse the situation, but let the men leave go on about their business.

Funny thing is that although the Wichita Police said that AJ Bohanan's sign around his neck that said, "If I don't stand for something I'll fall for anything!!! #RIP Trayvon Martin" was inciting a riot and arrested him. The two grown men with "NIGGER" on a shirt walking up on a group of Black youth grieving the death of an unarmed Black teen were able to laugh with them and go home.

YouTube Comment of Note: "Why is it that the people most proud of their race are the worst examples of it?"

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