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Just days after two members of Oklahoma University's defunct SAE chapter were expelled from the school, the fraternity is lawyering up: "They should not be tarred and feathered as racists," their attorney says. Good luck to this guy.

KFOR News in Oklahoma City reports the chapter, which doesn't even technically exist as a fraternity and is basically now just an informal association of racist young men, has tapped Stephen Jones, the lawyer whose most notable client was Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh:

Jones says the two students who were expelled because of the incident have apologized sincerely for their remarks, and now the incident is being exploited.

He said they lacked judgment in a social setting, but they should not be tarred and feathered as racists.

Proving that a bus filled with white men singing "There will never be a nigger in SAE!" isn't racist will be only slightly less challenging than defending McVeigh in court.

Update 3:54 PM ET: At a press conference this afternoon, Jones clarified that the disbanded chapter and its alumni are only considering legal action at this point, but have not yet sued the university or its president.