While rest of the country took the day to celebrate yesterday’s historical win for inclusiveness and equality, a bunch of racist idiots in the South decided to fight for their allegiance to a fallen, unrecognized confederation whose founding principle was the ability to own other humans as slaves.

Just as quickly as the authorities were able to undo Bree Newsome’s noble handiwork from earlier in the day, the 150-years-late separatists showed up to have their voices heard. Which is, admittedly, just like every other day of the week—except this time, they brought flags.

Lots, and lots of flags.

A few decidedly more lucid humans attempted to explain to the delusional men in Confederate uniforms that the war had ended, only to have this happen.

It wasn’t just South Carolina, though. Racists in other southern states got in on the fun, too. States like Alabama, for instance.

Who even put their nostalgia for a time when slavery was a white American’s God-given right to song.

And, of course, what would a delusional, hateful gathering be without our good friend Florida.

Did a long-lost group of Confederate soldiers get misplaced in time and wind up in your town? Let us know down in the comments.

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