A Kansas City, Mo. police officer is facing an internal review after spouting off about Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Mo. teen killed by police, on his personal Facebook page. One of his posts was a racist meme, and the other used a photo that's been circulating as an image of Brown, but actually shows a man accused of a killing in Oregon.

Officer Marc Catron sarcastically called Brown "a pillar of the Ferguson community" in a photo post showing a young black man holding a gun and biting down on a wad of cash. That's actually Joda Cain, charged with killing his great-grandmother with a sledgehammer. But if you're a racist and all black men look alike to you, then, sure, it's Michael Brown.

Catron also shared a meme with the caption "Remember how white people rioted after OJ's acquittal?"—because the one time a black man appeared to beat the system, thanks to an extremely expensive legal team, is definitely just as outrageous as a teenager being shot six times by the authority charged with protecting his community.

"Right now with all the tension going on in Ferguson and there's a lot of uncertainty right now and I feel like those pictures were demeaning and judgmental, very one-sided," Sarah Jackson, one of the Kansas City residents who reported Catron's posts to the department, told KCTV 5.

"These are the people that serve and protect us. And more than one wrong doesn't make a right."

The racist idiot is currently under review because his posts may violate KCPD's anti-discrimination policies and "negatively affect the public or professional perception of the department."

[Photos: Facebook via KCTV5]