A drunken Goldman Sachs employee, apparently angry over both his job and his dissolving marriage, started shouting racial slurs at a black couple yesterday evening in the West Village yesterday, before he was knocked out cold by a man who was trying to help him.

The unidentified man was passing a black couple eating at a burrito shop shortly before 6 P.M. when he stumbled into their table. Douglas Reddish, 25, tried to help the man regain his balance, when the drunken man lashed out at him.

“This nigger wants to fight me!” police say the drunken man yelled. "You niggers are why I lost my job."

Reddish then clocked the racist, drunken man.

The man then fell back and smacked his head on the pavement, knocking him out.

“He was out cold. I thought he was dead,” said a worker at the burrito place. Reddish, seeing the extent of the injuries to the unconscious, drunk, racist man, fled the scene, only to be arrested a few minutes later by police and charged with assault.

The drunk, racist Goldman Sachs employee remains in serious condition.