Welcome to October: the leaves are turning, the nights are getting colder, and college Greek parties are getting even more racist than usual.

An anonymous tipster sent us these Facebook photos of Zeta Tau Alphas at Texas Tech gearing up for a "Border Patrol" bash last weekend. Look, there are the sexy border patrol cops, and there are the girls wearing sombreros and shaking maracas. Now get on the ground and chug this rail tequila!

And please someone help that dog. Congratulations, ZTA, you win the first racist party of the season prize.

There are more prizes to be awarded, however. We're searching for the most racist fraternities and sororities in the nation, and we need your help. As chapters gear up for Halloween over the next four weeks, they'll no doubt host theme parties like "Colonial Bros and Nava-Hoes," "Asian" and "blackface." We want pictures of those parties.

This is an official call for anything you see at your school or other universities: party invitations, Instagrams, Facebook photos, whatever. Screenshot it all and send it to allie@gawker.com or our tips line, tips@gawker.com. For big-ticket items involving famous people or the sons and daughters of famous people, we might even pay.

As we collect the data, we'll tally up which national sororities and fraternities are responsible for the highest number of racist events. Is your frat the most racist in America? Check back and see.

My money's on Sigma Chi, but it's early.

Update: We received this statement from Heather Kirk, the director of education and communications at ZTA national headquarters:

These photos are troubling, as are the inaccuracies in the Gawker article. To set the record straight, our chapter at Texas Tech University did not hold any such event, there was no 'Border Patrol' event on campus held by any group that we are aware of, and only one of the women pictured is a Zeta Tau Alpha member. We have already addressed the terribly insensitive decisions displayed in these photos with our member, and apologize on her behalf for the offense she caused.

Based on another photo we received from our tipster, it appears the two "border patrol agents" are actually Kappas—here they are doing the Kappa hand symbol popular on Texas Tech's campus:

So who actually hosted this party? Email us if you know.