Well before Rachel Dolezal was outed as a white woman pretending to be black, she and her younger sister, Esther, both accused their older brother of molesting them, TMZ reports. And according to court documents obtained by the website, Rachel claimed the abuse involved photographs of naked, black women.

Joshua Dolezal, a 39-year-old professor at Iowa’s Central College, was arrested last year in Colorado, where he was charged with four counts of child sex assault for allegedly molesting a six-year-old girl with whom he was “in a position of trust.”

According to the arrest affidavit, obtained by the Denver Post, the victim told investigators Joshua had molested another person as well. Those alleged victims, TMZ reports, were his two younger sisters—Rachel, who claims to be black, and Esther, who is black (and adopted).

Joshua has been charged with four counts of sexual assault by his other sister, Esther — and in legal docs for the case ... Esther’s older sister describes a creepy 1991 incident. The older sister’s name is redacted, but Rachel is the only other daughter in the family.

And there’s more—Rachel’s claims allegedly involved naked photographs of black women.

According to the docs, Joshua was 16 or 17 when he threw Rachel on the ground, pulled up her shirt and sexually abused her. The victim says Joshua then showed her National Geographic photos of topless African women ... and told her he masturbated to them.

She added Joshua was “turned on by the black body and was curious about black women sexually.”

The report lends credence to Rachel’s assertions that her parents outed her true race as a way to get back at her for aiding her sister in pursing the claim.

Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal have denied that they were motivated to speak out about their daughter because of the allegations.

“We did not initiate it but when we were asked we were honest,” Ruthanne told People. “We didn’t participate in the lies. We couldn’t. We won’t.”

Rachel’s mother also denies her son assaulted anyone and tells People she believes Rachel was behind her son’s arrest—perhaps in a bid to obtain custody of her adopted brother, Izaiah, who accused both his parents of physical abuse in a 2010 emancipation application that was ultimately dropped. (According to CNN, Rachel Dolezal was appointed Izaiah’s legal guardian with the consent of Ruthanne and Larry in “a separate legal action” in 2010.)

“That is all a malicious false lie,” Ruthanne said. “[Rachel] is the one who initiated it. We know it is not true.”

According to People, Ruthanne claimed the alleged victim suffered from a “reactive attachment disorder” and lied about the abuse.

During a series of interviews, the alleged victim, now 20, told detectives that Joshua, who is 19-years-older, made the victim undress in front of him and forced the victim to perform oral sex on him.

According to the report, the accuser told adopted mother Ruthanne about the alleged abuse but she “did not believe [victim] and told [victim] to stop telling lies.”

Joshua allegedly told his accuser, “Don’t tell anyone or ‘I’ll hurt you.’” The attacks, the victim said, ended when Joshua returned to college.

Ruthanne says the victim suffers from reactive attachment disorder, a condition in which a child can’t bond with a parent or caregiver, and “seeks to cause trouble in the family.”

“The aligning with Rachel on this is a very bad combination,” she says. “Our son wasn’t even home a lot of the time it was alleged it was happening,” she says, “and I was a stay-at-home mother and very attentive to the kids because of her disorder. I never left her at home with our son or anything like that.”

Joshua is reportedly scheduled for trial in August.

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