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Appearing on NBC Nightly News Tuesday, former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal suggested her white mother and father might not be her biological parents, saying there’s been no DNA test or other “biological proof.”

“Up to this point, I know who raised me,” Dolezal told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie. “I haven’t had a DNA test. There’s been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents.”

Gutherie responded by bringing up Dolezal’s birth certificate, which lists the couple as her parents.

“I’m not necessarily saying that I can prove they’re not,” replied Dolezal, “but I don’t know that I can actually prove they are. I mean the birth certificate was issued a month and a half after I’m born. Certainly there were no medical witnesses to my birth. It was in the woods.”

Later in the same interview, Dolezal said, “I definitely am not white,” reiterating in some of her strongest language yet that she sees herself as black:

Nothing about being white describes who I am. So, you know, what’s the word for it? The closest thing that I can come to is if you’re black or white, I’m black. I’m more black than white. On a level of values, lived experience currently. In this moment, that’s the answer. That’s the accurate answer from my truth. But I hope the dialogue continues to push against, ‘what is race? what is ethnicity?

During the 10-minute interview, which can be watched in full below, Dolezal also denied changing her skin tone using anything other sun and occasional bronzer.

“Some days I might have spray-on, you know, like bronzer or whatever,” said Dolezal. “But other days I don’t.”