Dorothy Rabinowitz will not be intimidated by the all-powerful bicycle lobby. She will stand in defiance, even as her beloved city is crushed under the thumb of a psychotic mob of cyclists who feel like they "don't owe you anything."

No Dorothy, they just don't owe you anything.

After her op-ed video last week, which was widely (and maturely) dissected and discussed by this outlet and a myriad of others, Rabinowitz returned to her perch behind the Wall Street Journal op-ed tele-desk to reaffirm her bravery and her stance against... wait for it... bike terrorists.

To her critics, who say that the bike-sharing program included a long process of community input:

It's quite laughable. Whom are they asking? The people you really need to talk to are the policeman. They know the torrent of complaints and helpless screams.

To the weak politicians who were bowled over by the "all-powerful bike lobby":

They were "terrorized by this thing that really exists."

Note, at this point in the video, the usually pliant host begins to say, "Oh come on," but Dorothy interrupts her because Dorothy doesn't put up with that shit.

And to everyone flipping her the bird:

You would know if you walked in the streets of the city and occasionally asked a bike rider, who was careening down the sidewalk in all of his splendid self-affirming environmental helpist mood, to please not ride on the sidewalk. The answer is invariably an upraised third finger...and I thought that the blogosphere response beautifully captured the general sense of, 'We dont owe you anything. We are the virtuous of the world.'

Actually, all kidding aside, Rabinowitz is kinda being a boss about all this. She won't back down, even as her argument spirals into strange Rand-ian insanity.

Perhaps, in a bike-scarred future, a barren landscape ruled by a virtuous elite, we'll cry out for Dorothy, and she will shake her cold head and turn her back on us. She will ascend to her mountaintop keep without regret, finally free of fear.