Courtesy of the Gallup-Healthways State Health Index, here are all of the 50 states, ranked from the absolute worst for your emotional and physical well-being to the most livable.

The Gallup-Healthways survey, first reported by 24/7 Wall Street, took 2013 health info from 176,000 Americans on "physical and emotional health, healthy behaviors, work environment, social and community factors, financial security, and access to necessities such as food, shelter and healthcare" and came up with this list. The "most miserable" state is West Virginia, which has problems on problems these days. The least miserable state, according to the data, was North Dakota.

This is not a quiz in the classical viral clickbait "Oh ha they said I should live in Delaware" sense, but rather in the "How are eccentricities in geographical, political, and economic culture in the place where I reside literally killing me and my loved ones?" sense. So: How fast is your state crippling your life functions and your will to nurse them?

  1. West Virginia
  2. Kentucky
  3. Mississippi
  4. Alabama
  5. Ohio
  6. Arkansas
  7. Tennessee
  8. Missouri
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Louisiana
  11. Indiana
  12. Rhode Island
  13. South Carolina
  14. Michigan
  15. Pennsylvania
  16. New York
  17. Wyoming
  18. New Mexico
  19. North Carolina
  20. Connecticut
  21. Florida
  22. Idaho
  23. Delaware
  24. Georgia
  25. Nevada
  26. Oregon
  27. Virginia
  28. New Jersey
  29. Illinois
  30. Texas
  31. Kansas
  32. Arizona
  33. Maryland
  34. California
  35. Alaska
  36. Maine
  37. Wisconsin
  38. Massachusetts
  39. Utah
  40. New Hampshire
  41. Iowa
  42. Washington
  43. Hawaii
  44. Colorado
  45. Vermont
  46. Montana
  47. Minnesota
  48. Nebraska
  49. South Dakota
  50. North Dakota

[Photo credits: Maximus256; Mr. Aesthetics/Shutterstock]