Last weekend, a 28-year-old Queens man named Miguel Mejia-Ramos stabbed his wife and two daughters to death. On Friday, the NYPD revealed the mind-boggling reason why he took the lives of his kids, neither of which was older than two.

According to Ramos, he was going to flee with his daughters except he felt like he had no way to drive away with them. "I was going to take them with me, but I didn't have car seats," he allegedly told police. Prior to the murder, Ramos and his wife — a 21-year-old woman named Deisy Garcia — were reportedly having marital issues.

Approximately 20 hours after Ramos killed his wife and daughters, relatives discovered their bodies. Ramos had already left New York City, but would be arrested in a small town in Texas a day later.

It's believed that the murder was sparked by an innocuous photo Ramos found of his wife with another man. According to the New York Times, Garcia had alluded to prior abuse by Ramos, and police had responded to domestic violence calls at their home on multiple occasions, though arrests were never made.

Ramos was in court on Friday on a number of charges that include weapons possession and first-degree murder.