On November 1, WITI reporter Meghan Dwyer won a local television Emmy for her investigation of bullying within the public school system of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Last night, TVSpy’s Kevin Eck highlighted her remarkably forthcoming acceptance speech, which you can watch in the video above:

This is for all the kids that are bullied. Seriously, public schools suck. They’re horrible. They need to be held accountable. I tried to do this with Milwaukee Public Schools.


I love public schools. My kids will go there. But they’re—they need work. Sorry. That’s the story.

Well, not exactly. WITI’s vice president of news, John LaPorte, told Eck that Dwyer regretted her comments: “We have spoken with Meghan at length and she has made it very clear that she misspoke as she was caught up in the excitement of the evening.”

Local media’s relationship with Milwaukee Public Schools has been tense lately. In early October, MPS’s board of directors begged the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to reassign the paper’s education reporter, Erin Richards, who covers the school system for the daily paper. The board complained that Richards was “biased against MPS.”

You can watch Dwyer’s MPS investigation here.