This public dog may or may not be friendly: Flickr

Maybe you like dogs but you can’t have a dog. That’s where public dogs come in.

Have you ever been to a park? Plenty of room to roam. It would be no problem for anyone to release 20-50 dogs within the confines of a large urban public park. The dogs will live in the park. They are as free as they please except for the shock collars that will shock them if they venture too close to the borders of the park. There are many dogs currently confined to animal shelters who would jump at this opportunity to “make it” out there on their own.

People come to the park. Don’t like dogs? Fine. Just ignore the dogs as you do your fellow humans. Like dogs? Great. Go up to the dogs in the park and make friends with them. They are public dogs. They live off the love and good will of the public. You can be friends with the public dogs. You can play with the public dogs. You can feed the public dogs. And then you can go home and leave the public dogs in their spacious park. They love it and so do you. If any of the public dogs turn out to be Bad Dogs, simply replace them with one of the many Good Dogs languishing in shelters just waiting for their chance to prove themselves.

Many will ask, “Is there a chance that public dogs could ‘disrupt’ the dog industry in the same way that Uber has ‘disrupted’ the taxi industry?” Yes there is. Any more questions?