It's a well-known fact that unsourced, unverifiable, anonymous Tumblr posts are an agent of social progress and meaningful change. So it's surprising that some prick used "Racists Getting Fired," an enormously popular new web attraction, to smear his ex.

The premise of RGF is simple, and a perfectly representative product of 2014 Internet: send screenshots of people saying racist shit on Facebook or Twitter to their employers, get them canned, and thus end American racism, or something. This is foolproof until someone uses the formula to frame someone who didn't actually say anything racist. Take Brianna Rivera, who apparently said some terrible things on Facebook:

But according to the operators of the RGF Tumblr, this turned out to in fact not be Brianna Rivera at all, but her ex-boyfriend, who changed his Facebook profile to resemble hers:

Before the site realized the trick and issued something resembling a correction, the Brianna smear racked up tens of thousands of reblogs and notes and prompted readers to bombard the real Brianna's workplace with phone calls and tweets. Probably because RGF provided instructions on doing this exactly. AMC Theaters provided a statement defending Brianna, but how many rabid Tumblr detectives read this?

Who cares! Let's get some racists fired, or at least bulk-dox people who appear to be maybe racist based on this screenshot I found on Tumblr posted by a pseudonymous stranger with an anime avatar.

[h/t Willy Staley]