Despite receiving a court order, jail time, and at least 30 visits from police, a British woman refuses to silence the criminally noisy bone sessions that her neighbors have described as "unnatural" and "murder," The Daily Mirror reports.

"As far as I'm concerned, that's what you should be doing," said Caroline Cartwright. "Just relax, go with the flow."

In 2009, Cartwright was struck with an ASBO, a controversial civil order that turns various "anti-social" behaviors into criminal offenses—in this case, fucking really loud.

Now she's one of the subjects of ASBO & Proud, a documentary that aired this week on Britain's Channel 5.

"I'm sure there could be a lot worse things I could be doing," Cartwright told the network. "They all thought it was stupid I was in prison."

[Image via Channel 5//h/t NY Daily News]