For the second night in a row, demonstrators across the U.S. blocked traffic and squared off with police officers in protest of the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict a white police officer who fired six shots into an unarmed black teenager.

In Ferguson, there were again reports of fires and teargas but the attacks on property that dominated Monday night's new coverage appeared to have slowed by Tuesday. From the New York Times:

A few blocks away, demonstrators tried to set fire to a police car parked outside City Hall, but officers swarmed the street, set off clouds of tear gas and tried to clear the area — a far stronger show of force than had come a day earlier. Some arrests were made, and members of the Guard appeared to be assisting the police in taking people into custody.

But there were still reports of violence on Twitter:

In Atlanta, hundreds of protestors stopped traffic on the Downtown Connector, a six-lane interstate. Six people were reportedly arrested during the demonstration.

There were also reports of rallies in Baltimore, Boston, and D.C.

In California, hundreds of people tried to march on a Santa Barbara highway but were stopped by a "heavy police presence." Protestors in Los Angeles were able to lay barriers across the 101, while others gathered outside the LAPD headquarters in downtown L.A. In Oakland, rush-hour traffic on the I-980 and I-580 briefly stopped when protestors marched onto the freeways.

In Cleveland, a group of people blocked off a highway in protest of another police shooting—12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was holding a fake gun when he died.

Police reportedly used gas on protestors in Denver:

A driver reportedly plowed through a crowd of protestors in Minneapolis, trapping a woman's leg underneath the car. Witnesses say he accelerated into the intersection full of people Tuesday afternoon.

In New York, traffic was snarled for hours after thousands of protestors blocked access to the FDR Drive, the Lincoln Tunnel, and the Manhattan Bridge, chanting "Hands up, don't shoot."

NYPD officers were reportedly "largely non confrontational during the march."

The Times reports protestors in Portland, Oregon were pepper sprayed by cops and "several arrests" were made.

And in Rhode Island, a group of protestors briefly blocked traffic on Route 90.

[image via AP]