An NYPD psychologist who allegedly tried to murder her sleeping husband to be with her married lover also tried—and failed—to pin the crime on a burglar by staging the crime scene, prosecutors say.

Emily Dearden allegedly shot her husband, Kenneth, in the head while he slept on November 14, but police were reportedly unable to make an arrest until her husband filed allegations against her in a civil suit last week.

Reports CBS:

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Westchester County, Kenneth Dearden,a prominent real estate developer, awoke at around 4 a.m. on Nov. 14, 2013 to a "searing pain in his jaw" and his pillow covered in blood.

Not realizing he had been shot, he made his way downstairs in the Yonkers, N.Y. home he shared with his wife, Emily, and their two daughters. He found his wife lying on the floor of their family room, with her eyes closed, claiming she had been hit on the head, the lawsuit says.

Police were called and when they arrived, Kenneth Dearden told them he thought an intruder broke into the house - something authorities were readily skeptical of since there were no signs of forced entry, the home alarm hadn't sounded and the family's dog hadn't reacted, the suit says.

Cops said they later discovered Dearden—who declined to accompany her husband to the hospital—washing the clothes she had been wearing. In the suit, her husband alleges that she also met with her married lover—a Texas man named Warren David Roudebush—before visiting him in the hospital.

Dearden was charged with attempted murder Friday in Westchester, and NYPD Internal Affairs officers reportedly took her badge and suspended her. She's out on $150,000 bail and has been ordered to stay away from her husband and children.