Montana state prosecutors are appealing a judge's "illegal" ruling that sentenced a teacher to just 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old student, in part because the judge found the victim to be "older than her chronological age."

Last week Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced former teacher, 54-year-old Stacey Rambold to 15 years in jail, with all but 31 days suspended. Baugh defended the ruling, saying that the then-14-year-old Cherice Morales was "older than her chronological age," and "as much in control of the situation” as Rambold.

Baugh later apologized for his comments but at the time, stood by his ruling. Two days ago however, he scheduled a hearing for Friday to determine whether that sentence should be increased to two years. The prosecutor has asked that that hearing be canceled pending the appeal.

[image via AP]