A sour and slightly nutty cloud of uncertainty has descended on Akron, Ohio, after 19 incidents of public pooping over three years were potentially linked to the same single shitter. And those are just the documented cases—an Akron police officer told local NBC outlet WKYC he estimated at least 100 more.

Authorities formulated their "single pooper" theory after mapping the 19 documented cases to one neighborhood called Castle Homes. Most of the droppings fell on parked cars, though one Akron resident told WKYC that he recently woke up to feces all over the children's toys in his front yard.

Akron police posted a photo of the alleged dookie man on Facebook yesterday after a resident's time lapse camera captured him early Tuesday morning. "This guy defecated on our vehicle eight times since last fall," the cameraman told WKYC.

"The photo shows this guy bent over on the hood, pants to ankles defecating on the car," police lieutenant Rick Edwards said. "We need to know who this person is."

[Image via WKYC]