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Tipper Gore’s spiritual descendants are 20 year-old college kids. College kids are the new moms.

Action Bronson, a weed-smoking teddy bear who also enjoys rhyming and food, has been disinvited from a planned concert at Trinity College, after students got more than 1,000 signatures on an online petition asking for him to be removed. The petition says that inviting him “is an endorsement of violence, specifically against women and minorities(??)” and that “Allowing Action Bronson to perform at Spring Weekend would create a psychologically harmful and drastically unsafe space for women, LGBTQIA+ students, and survivors of sexual assault.” It also hilariously calls him a “bodybuilder” (he used to powerlift but now could best be described as “short and fat”) and warns that “It only takes one person to drunkenly (or soberly) upset Action Bronson by getting on stage, or in his way, for him to violently assault someone. The available evidence suggests men specifically are targeted by Action Bronson, meaning no one is given a safe space at a Bronson concert.”


Last night, the school officially disinvited him, saying that “The very act of bringing him to this campus runs counter to the College’s obligation to protect the emotional and physical safety of its students.” Just weeks ago, George Washington University disinvited Action Bronson from performing there for similar reasons.

We are all thankful that the risk of Action Bronson coming to Trinity’s campus, spewing hateful rhetoric and violently assaulting both the men and women of the student body has been averted. But the dangers posed by rappers are ever-present. In the future, the university powers-that-be should consult this list when seeking out appropriate—and safe—campus acts.