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It's Okay to Storm Out of a Party to Make a Point

The Irish Goodbye is not my culture

Save yourself

French Presses Make Terrible Coffee

Even a cheap electric coffee maker can do a better job

Joe dirt

Is He ‘Hot’ or Is He Straight?

If a man on the internet has a skill, talent, or job, it is important to first remain calm.


Noise-Canceling Ear Muffs Are the Secret to Peace

Like a construction worker, I also use them for work

Cancel culture

Veuve Clicquot Is Not a Good Champagne

LVMH does not need your money


What Did We Smell Like in 2021?

Cologne is more than a place in Germany

Sniff sniff

The Best Salads of 2021 Were on TikTok

Now I can really start dressin’

Social salads

December 26th to 30th Ranked from Least to Most Disorienting

The never-ending week


Christmas for One Is Also Fun

Get yourself some caviar and potato chips


What Your Favorite Mint Candy Says About You

First of all, your breath is fresh


Glaze Your Nuts in the Microwave

Just like they do at the airport


How to Pair Wine With Ass

Open up something special

Pucker up

Ask Tammie: What is a Good Party Cocktail?

I suggest mixing 5 types of liquor in a pitcher

With the mostess

Today Is National White People Take BLM Out of Your Profile Day

An amnesty day of sorts

It's okay!

12 Days of Gift Guides: Gifts for Grown-up Gifted Kids

They always need cheering up

Gawker Gift Guide

On the Acquisition and Maintenance of a Ham

It's called prepping

Whole Foods

If You "Like" Espresso Martinis You'll Love The Black Russian

A minimalist coffee cocktail

On the Rocks

The Top Assholes of Top Chef

Which you should binge-watch this weekend

Non, Chef!

How To Love Flossing

Just one string attached


How to Make A Soufflé

It’s what’s for dinner

Just eggs