Tammie Teclemariam is a writer at Gawker.

My Dream Relationship Involves Separate Bedrooms

Sharing a bed is a downgrade


The Power of the Blank Email

When you feel nothing, respond with nothing.


Going Out For Lunch Is Hot

It’s like dinner, but better

Good Soup

How to Make (Good) Popcorn

For when you watch Ted Lasso

"I Don't Know Her" -Mariah Carey, About Bailey's

We’re drinking Black Irish now

The Buzz

The Cleaning Pros of TikTok Will Fix Your Disgusting Life

You almost certainly missed a spot


Get Those Disgusting Little Paws AWAY From My Drink

A glass is a single-person utensil


Jonathan Safran Foer Please Update Your Sidewalk Poetry Board

Extremely repetitive and incredibly dull

There goes the neighborhood

How to Keep it Together When Your Therapist is on Vacation

Doctors with borders


The Best Iced Coffee Is Iced Tea

Is cold brew even good?


The Parent Trap is the Best Movie About Wine

The remake*

We are all Meredith

No More Milk

Just look at us, we're trying to milk mushrooms now.


America’s Most Desirable Car is Subsidized by the IRS

When you think G-Wagon, think working man’s wheels


Golf’s Favorite Cocktail is Now My Favorite Cocktail

It’s called a transfusion, and it has grape juice

Purple drink

What Does Paris Hilton Mean By Sliving?

According to Paris Hilton, "sliving" is the new "that's hot," but what is sliving really about?