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‘The Fabelmans’ Is Steven Spielberg’s Love Letter to Himself

Based on the director’s life, the film has no stakes

We get it, you like your own movies

'Ma' Reconsidered: Reconsidered

We thought Ma was right. Now maybe we think she was wrong.

Ma's home

Why Does Adam Sandler’s 'Click' Make Men Cry?

It may have something to do with their dads.

Crying at da 'Click'

Time to Press Kathy Hilton's Factory Reset Button

She got racist during a "Watch What Happens Live" appearance

Not hunky dory

Think Converting to Catholicism Is Cool? Try Islam, Sweetie.

No more Dimes Square — time for a new Mecca (the old Mecca)

Say Masha Allah

Some Movies Are Best Watched 5 Minutes at a Time

Introducing the Sarah Hagi Method

Cinephiles rise up

The Queen Doesn't "Get" Kitchens

And she's not afraid to tell William and Kate that theirs is a disaster

yes chef?

Dear God, Don’t Reboot ‘Road House’

Jake Gyllenhaal can never capture the joie de vivre of the George H.W. Bush years

Not in my house

Slap Update CCCXLVIII: Chris Rock Isn't a Victim

He's moving on but also not really

Solid as a rock

Drake, Why Are You Flying to Hamilton So Much?

Nobody should be going that often

Flying from the 6ix with his woes

God, I Love Keke Palmer

Our most charismatic star

Finally some REAL food

Jordan Peterson Has a Message for Muslims

And I'm all ears


These Grandma Memes Are the Only Thing I Look Forward to Now

"Hugs and giggles out loud"

Everyone's welcome

I Was Wrong About the Queen

She's kinda fun!

My friend Liz

Airbnb Your Days Are Numbered

Everyone is suddenly remembering how nice it is to stay in a hotel

Retire bitch

I Will Be Tom Cruise's 'Girlfriend'

I am ready for a little sabbatical

love is love

Jack Harlow Sets The Record Straight: He Loves Black Women

Thank you

Whats poppin?

I Believe Dr. Umar

He was innocently perusing incense sold by a white woman


Rita Morena's Casting in ‘Fast X’ Offers New Clue About Dom Toretto's Race

We need answers

Vroom Vroom

'Conversations With Friends' Is a Triumph of Boring Television

With two of the most unremarkable leads imaginable, the show feels almost hypnotic

Just read the book