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Which of These Book-Loving Celebs Are Actually Literate?

Let's discuss

Book Club

Yellowjackets Should Be No More Than 3 Seasons Long

A good thing needn't be ruined


Bella Hadid Is the Best Rich Hot Person

Behind her tiny sunglasses, a model cries.

Wah Wah

New Royal Monogram Ideas for Prince Andrew

Not all’s lost

Sarah Hagi and Jack Koloskus
Pedo in the wind

CBC Lifestyle Journalist Takes Anti-Woke Hiking Content to Substack

Bari Weiss and co. have a new Canadian postergirl

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I'm Exhausted By Quebec's Racist Hijab Law

How many more ways do I have to prove I'm human?

Veiled racism

Rest in Power, White Ladies

Heaven has a smoking section


Olivia Munn John Mulaney Baby Boy Born

Welcome to the world

Babby has been formed

My Beautiful Dark Twisted ‘Gutfeld!’ Experience

I went to the No. 1 conservative comedy show with one question: Would anyone laugh?


10 People It’s Time for God to Close the Door On

Relax, we are all going to die.


12 Days of Gift Guides: Gifts From the Conscientious Objector

You shouldn't have to celebrate Christmas, but if you must


Movies Should Have Intermissions

If filmmakers insist on making us sit for over two hours we need a pee break

Pee pee

It's a Great Day Not to Say Anything: Kyle Rittenhouse Edition

Once again, saying nothing is a great choice

Shut up

Olivia Munn, While Playing the Game: I'm Not Playing the Game

I would argue that playing the game is her only real talent

Wah Wah

Martha Stewart Does Not Own a Mug

Get outta town

Mug free way to be

Apple TV+ Exists in a Parallel Dimension

They watch shows there called ‘Mr. Corman’ and ‘Truth Be Told’


I’m Brave Enough to Say It: Kumail Nanjiani is Good in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’

Gotta give credit where it's due.


Billionaire Oil Heiress Gets Her Miracle Wedding, and No YOU'RE Crying!

The "something old" is money

dearly beloved

Marjorie Taylor Greene Praises Nation of Islam for Vaccine Stance

Wait until she learns one more thing about them.

Healing moment

‘Spencer’ Ends With Diana in a Car but Somehow Even Worse

It’s not a good movie.

Your highness