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Which Normal Guy Celeb Will Get “Pratted” Next?

John Krasinski and Kumail Nanjiani are getting lonely at the top. They need a new schlub to join them

CIA wya?

Meghan and Harry Recognized for Contribution to Humanity as Content Creators

Eschewing fame...for a different kind of fame


Dan Levy: Gay Men Can Be Maps

Thank you for raising awareness at the Met Gala

World pride

Dear Evan Hansen Is a True Crime Story

And Ben Platt is the Jar Jar Binks of his own movie

Musicals :(

Twitter Has a Parasocial Relationship With the Word Parasocial

Not me though, I'm different


CBS Announces "America's Next Top Instagram Activist"

Do you have what it takes to care?


I Wish Ryan Reynolds Wasn't Canadian

It's embarrassing for us.

Not my Canadian.

Woman Thinks Brazilian Butt Lift is Kind Of Like Getting Braces

Or maybe it’s like rearranging furniture.

Big big lies

Vogue Beauty Secrets Put Me In a Dark Trance

I’m so glad Sofia Ritchie figured out eyebrow gel

38 steps is too many

A Woman Has Been Banned from a Zoo for Loving a Chimpanzee

Can you blame her?


John Cleese Begs You to Cancel Him

John Cleese says, "Wots all this then?" to cancel culture


AP Reports Taliban Awestruck by Large Buildings and Shops

What do you mean Bed, Bath, AND Beyond?

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It's a Great Day Not to Say Anything

Saying nothing is a great choice


Remember When Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau Sang a Song for Her Daughter, for MLK?

The most French Canadian thing to ever happen

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Man Ages

Fred Durst edition

Rollin' into middle age

I Do Not Care if Aliens Exist

That’s none of my business.

They're for white people

The ADL and PayPal Are Teaming Up to Fight Extremism

Too bad the ADL has no idea what extremism is

Iconic duos

Any Offline Activity Counts As Reading

A philosophy for the modern age

Stop feeling guilty!