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I Was Wrong About the Queen

She's kinda fun!

My friend Liz

Airbnb Your Days Are Numbered

Everyone is suddenly remembering how nice it is to stay in a hotel

Retire bitch

I Will Be Tom Cruise's 'Girlfriend'

I am ready for a little sabbatical

love is love

Jack Harlow Sets The Record Straight: He Loves Black Women

Thank you

Whats poppin?

I Believe Dr. Umar

He was innocently perusing incense sold by a white woman


Rita Morena's Casting in ‘Fast X’ Offers New Clue About Dom Toretto's Race

We need answers

Vroom Vroom

'Conversations With Friends' Is a Triumph of Boring Television

With two of the most unremarkable leads imaginable, the show feels almost hypnotic

Just read the book

What Does Vladimir Putin Smell Like?

The answer may surprise you

Boy smells

Having A Son Helped Morgan Wallen Grow Out Of Saying The N-Word

Sometimes all it takes is a baby

Nice Guy

The Media Has a Difficult Time Saying Israeli Forces Killed Shireen Abu Akleh

The veteran Al Jazeera journalist, who died Wednesday, deserves better

passive voices

Elizabeth Olsen Hates — Sorry — Loves Doing Press For Marvel

She's having the time of her life


Farewell James Corden, You Were an Asshole

His 'Late Late Show' hosting gig will end in 2023

Candle in the wind

Critics Agree, It's Beanie Flopstein in 'Funny Girl'

“It’s simply not a sound you expect to hear on Broadway.”

Raining on her parade

Victoria's Secret Recruits Hot Guy As Face of 'Gender Free' Sweatpants

'Role model' Darren Barnet has me feeling empowered

Secrets revealed

Who Isn't In Greta Gerwig's 'Barbie' ?

So far she's cast Will Ferrell, Michael Cera, Issa Rae and your best friend from high school

Stars everywhere

Scene-y Toronto Restaurant Accused of Fatshaming Customer

And then editing a defensive Google Review

spicy meatballs

Erika Jayne Tossed Garcelle Beauvais's Memoir In the Trash

At least she didn't burn it

Hope she sees this

Billy Crystal, Who Once Did Blackface at the Oscars, Weighs In on The Slap

Bad idea


Two Ciphers to Join in Forever Union

How and why? We will never know.

Who are they?

Rumor: Ezra Miller Calls Everyone 'Gustav'

They can't remember anyone's name