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Surprising No One, George Santos Is a Disney Adult

The Congressman's alleged karaoke habits prove it

Let It Go

Robert Zemeckis: I Love Using the Computer to Make Tom Hanks Look Insane

The duo are reuniting for a new movie using de-aging technology

What Lies Beneath?

Zachary Levi Has Had a Rough 24 Hours

On the upside, a lot of people know who he is now


Why Is Taylor Swift Always Showing Feet?

The woman loves to bare her sole


Taylor Swift's Music Videos: A Race to the Bottom

A visual medium is not her forte

Film School (Taylor's Version)

Apple Martin's Secret to “It Girl” Status Revealed

Believe it or not, it isn't nepotism


Julia Garner Released from Hell (Madonna Biopic)

The joke is on you if you thought this movie was ever going to happen

Don't Cry for Her

Oscar Nominations 2023: It’s a Fun Year!

Finally, a slate of nominations that might actually make people tune in

To Oscar

Celebs Avoid Engaging With Stacy's Pita Chips at Sundance

If you can't get Bella Thorne to hold a bag, you've already lost


If Rami Malek Wants to Play Buster Keaton, He Better Be Ready to Die

Is he funny? No one knows.

Steamboat Rami, Jr.

Big Vogue Still Trying to Push the Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Agenda

Nice try, Ms. Wintour

E.T. Phone Vogue

An Updated List of Red Flag Movies

If they say they love Joe Swanberg, run

You In Danger, Girl

Is the Cast of 'Short Term 12' Cursed?

Everyone involved with the decade-old indie darling seems to have made a deal with the devil

Long Term Effects

Mystery Solved: Amanda Seyfried Is Doing a 'Thelma & Louise' Musical

Gifted Madonna impersonator Evan Rachel Wood is reportedly joining her

Thelma & Louise (Blonde Version)

Dio Mio! Michael Bay Accused of Italian Birdslaughter

Justice for the pigeon that allegedly died on set


What Can't She Do? Florence Pugh Got John Le Carré to Start Writing Again

Miss Flo is everyone's favorite muse, it seems

Tinker Tailor Florence Pugh

Ana de Armas Buys $7 Million Home in Noted Ezra Miller Crime Zone

These two are now the most famous Vermonters since Bernie Sanders

Bennington Guest Lecturers

'New Yorker' Critic Hilton Als Pans Jerrod Carmichael

On Instagram, Als challenged the alleged purveyor of "dystopian comedy" to "grow up" and "get that chip off your shoulder"


What’s Amanda Seyfried’s Mysterious Musical Project?

Maybe she's giving 'Les Mis' another go

Mamma Mia!

Gwen Stefani Thinks She’s Japanese

But really she’s just stupid