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Starbucks Is Discriminating Against Iced Coffee Drinkers

There is no more War on Christmas, only War on Iced Americano

Baby, It's Cold (Brew) Outside

Rating the New Yorker's 'Best Jokes of 2021'

Do you get it? It’s “funny.”

Hardy Har Har

Shawn Mendes Monetizes Breakup Faster Than Expected

I'm sure this wasn't planned at all

Sunrise, Sunset

Three Pharma Execs Walk Into An Interview...

Stop me if you've heard this one before

Give It To Me Straight

Please Respect Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Privacy

Unless you are the paparazzi

A Public Affair

Silence Actually

There is nothing more to say about 'Love Actually'

I'm Begging You

Bitch Alert: Adam McKay Seems Mean

I’m on Will Ferrell’s side in their petty boy fight

Boy Problems

What Will ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ Be About?

Hear me out: murder mystery


World's Dumbest Crime Refresher: The Jussie Smollett Case

His trial begins today


Aaron Rodgers Has a Covid Toe on His Big Feet ;)

TW: Graphic descriptions of toes

Toe-tally Gross

How to Talk to Your Dad About 'Yellowstone' This Thanksgiving

Here's a cheat sheet

Dutton Family Values

"New Rules?" New Sletter

Dua Lipa’s got one that will levitate right to your inbox

Media Moguls

It's Me, the Only Young Person Who Saw 'The Last Duel'

Don't pin this on me, Ridley Scott


Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley Social Distancing (From Each Other)

The couple is reportedly not eating clay together at the moment

Quarantine Relationships

Disney Decides Fictional Man Can Be Black

From the company that brought you ‘Song of the South’

Critical Race Cheery

'Rent' Is for Children — And They Deserve It

Teach your kids about performance art early

525,600 Lessons

Shawn Mendes Comes Out as Newly Single

Meanwhile Camila Cabello pivots to reading

It's Giving Breakup

Should We Get Burgers For Lunch

Cobie Smulders makes a strong case for it


Kelly Bensimon Deserves Better Than A-Rod

She says he’s flirting, he says it’s business, I say he sucks


Chipotle: Sorry Gwyneth, “Fix You” Is About Farmers Now

Not your dad or whatever