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Who Will — and Who Should — Die on 'The White Lotus'?

Do tech guys deserve to live? Be honest...

That's La Morte!

'The Flash' Is Running to Theaters Even Faster Than Before

Ezra Miller's very public mental crisis is not getting in the way of Warner Bros. making money

That Was Fast

Ayo Edebiri's Most Combative Interview to Date

The comedian and star of The Bear is done being nice, even to old friends

how to be funny

Fallon Files: Greta Gerwig Has a Baum in the Bach

Not that anyone seems to care

Margot at the Baby Shower

Everyone Knew About T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s Affair and No One Told Us??

What the hell, you guys...


Kamala Harris Is Gawker's Funniest Woman of the Year

She's laughing, we're laughing, everyone's laughing

Loler of the Free World

Timothée Chalamet, Do NOT Get Jacked

This is a plea and a warning

Against Muscles

Heather Rae Young Discovers the Meaning of “Stepmom”

She was kind of confused

Ersatz Julia Roberts

Caffeine-Free Diet Coke Is for Psychos

Elon Musk continues to prove that he has no taste

Beta Beverages

Daniel Craig Calls America’s Favorite Side Dish an “Abomination”

Big talk from a guy who hails from spotted dick country

No Thanks

'Welcome to Chippendales' Review: Just Nicola Peltz’s Parts

She is certainly in a costume and saying lines

She's Actin'

Fallon Files: Meghan Markle Will Not Be Going on 'The Tonight Show'

She's only got time for one charmless bearded guy right now

Jimmy's Loss

Taylor Swift and the DOJ Also Hate Ticketmaster

There are no more allies left for the ticketing website

Speak... Now?

'She Said' Has a Lot To Say

Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan star in a faithful retelling of a story that doesn't pack the same punch the third time around

Women Talking

Swifties Declare War on Ticketmaster

Taylor Swift fans are dead set on tearing down the ticketing company if it's the last thing they do

Don't Blame Her

Taylor Swift Fans Disappointed to Learn That Mother Loves Money

Swifties cheated out of money and concert tickets have had it up to here with "capitalism"

She Took the Money

Is Katharine McPhee an Election Denier?

Or is she just dumb?

Smash the Count

Which Famous Olivia Is the Most “Olivia”?

Not all Olivias are made equal

Liv Laugh Love

Fallon Files: Jimmy Attends His Own Funeral (and It's a Roast)

The only thing that actually died was the joke, as soon as Jimmy weighed in

Christlike Figures

Taylor Swift Fans Are in the Trenches Against Ticketmaster

If you are in the queue for Eras Tour tickets, STAY IN THE QUEUE

The Great War