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Kevin Spacey Got a New Job With the Weed Police

A second chance for the sex pest?

You're Under Arrest

Prince Charles Exhibits Fan Behavior Toward Granddaughter Lilibet

Buy a meet and greet ticket, sweetie


Bella Hadid: For Your Information I Got the Vaccine Six Months After it Became Widely Available

It’s less embarrassing to let us think you’re unvaccinated


Jennifer Aniston Says She Wants to Date a Normal Guy

I've provided some options for her to consider


Elizabeth Holmes’s Father-in-Law Unveils Alter Ego “Hanson”

Fraud is the family business, apparently

Blood Relatives

The Tongue Goes Inside the Mouth

Unless you are eating a popsicle or making a funny face


What Did HBO Do to Roman Roy?

Look how they’ve massacred my boy

Male Fragility

Disney Store Dead at 34

Make sure to check on the Disney adults in your life


Bi Icon Kyrsten Sinema Needs Her Special Juice

Glug glug


How Does Meghan McCain Keep Getting My Dream Jobs?

I want to be her so bad.


It Sure Will Suck to be John Mulaney’s Baby

Goo goo get that kid a therapist immediately

Baby Blues

Don’t Cha Think Nicole Sherzinger Has a Point in this Pussycat Dolls Lawsuit?

It’s pushing her “Buttons,” and ours


Page Six Is Making Me Confront My Inner Pervert

Click for more lurid details.

Shame Spiral

In a Pivot, Harry Styles Fans Don’t Want Him to Spit on Them

So much for "fan loyalty"

Mouth Stuff

Please Keep Your Food Pics on Close Friends

And away from my sweet little eyes

Amateur Photography

An Ode to Amanda Gorman

A poem in honor of her new position as an Estée Lauder spokeswoman

Poetic Justice

Why Is Jeffrey Toobin Still Using His New Yorker Cartoon on Twitter?

Maybe it was part of his severance package.

Legacy Media

Joe Rogan Debuts New Summer Cocktail

The secret ingredient is a splash of ivermectin

Home Remedies

Did Anyone Have a Good Time at the 'Cinderella' Premiere?

It seems like everyone had better things to do

Bippity Boppity Boo

Drake and Damien Hirst Finally Found Each Other

This kind of nightmare was inevitable

Certified Tacky Boys