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Pope Francis to Resign? Megyn Kelly Says Maybe

This would be huge (for entertainment value)

deus fox machina

The Washington Post Needs to Get It Together

It’s melting down over retweets


TikTok Lady Rips Ocean Vuong's Precious Prose

"What?" she says

language crimes

The Tragedy of Thomas Markle

Meghan's father has been hung out to dry

royally fucked

Pamela Paul Is the New Worst Columnist at the New York Times

The former Times Book Review editor is a dull culture warrior


Met Gala 2022: Elon Musk and Mommy

Together forever

Mommy Gala

Met Gala 2022: Iconic Count

Tracking how many times the hosts say "iconic"

met gala

Met Gala 2022: It's Nice to See Emma Stone

She's out and about

Met Gala

Met Gala 2022: Eric Adams Has the Time of His Life

Thumbs up!

Met Gala

Met Gala 2022: Wendi Murdoch Is Hiding in a Corner

Where are you Wendi?

Met Gala

Party Report: A Strange Interaction With Thomas Chatterton Williams

We were there to toast a new book about the Royal family


Vintage Gossip: Philip Larkin Had a Huge D

Not a sex fiend though (too depressed)

hog blog

It’s Not Pi Day

Here’s why day

Lie Day

Tom Colicchio’s Comments on the Gabe Erales Fiasco Are Gross

The ‘Top Chef’ patriarch has broken his silence... and it’s not good

bottom chef

‘Top Chef’ Crowned a Sex Pest Winner and Never Spoke of It Again

Will Bravo ever own up to what happened with Gabe Erales?

sex pests

Our Favorite Gawker Stories of 2021

Some good stuff in here

Gawker Year in Review

Gawker's Most-Read Stories of 2021

Read em and weep


$75k/Year College Asks for Donations Via Will-and-Testament Website

You can do it from your phone

School Spirit

Check Out Elizabeth Holmes's Senior Yearbook Photos

She was voted "most likely to be able to run over 200 diagnostic tests from a single drop of blood."

Class of 2002

Remember When Michael Bay Made a Milk Commercial

It was a good one