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Our Favorite Gawker Stories of 2021

Some good stuff in here

Gawker Year in Review

Gawker's Most-Read Stories of 2021

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$75k/Year College Asks for Donations Via Will-and-Testament Website

You can do it from your phone

School Spirit

Check Out Elizabeth Holmes's Senior Yearbook Photos

She was voted "most likely to be able to run over 200 diagnostic tests from a single drop of blood."

Class of 2002

Remember When Michael Bay Made a Milk Commercial

It was a good one


If You're A Canceled Man Over 60 You Should Go Away and Die Quietly

Enjoy your life and spare the rest of us

Goodnight Goon

Badass Rolling Stone Editor Fucking Swears Up a Storm He Doesn't Give a Shit

I’m not a regular editor I’m a cool editor

sex drugs and AP style

All the Corrections Dawn Dorland Sent Us About Our ‘Bad Art Friend’ Blogs

Here they are

Dept. of Standards

Would You Like to Buy Tom Girardi’s Bedazzled Globe?

The alleged crook husband of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills chanteuse Erika Jayne is having a very sad yard sale

Do I Hear $1?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Made a Grave Mistake

Once again, the Brits have underestimated American ingenuity.

lilibet diana

Joe Kahn Will Maybe Be the Next Editor of the New York Times

Yes he Kahn

newsboy caps

Welcome to Gawker

The new one.

letter from the editor

Adam Neumann Spotted in the Hamptons With a Pizza and a Rabbi

WeEat, WePray


Great News: Life Expectancy Drops by 1.5 Years

Afterlife here we come

Let's Gooo


Zero Dark Thirty? More like Zero Dark You are Thirty and time to throw away the tiny bitch guitar.

send in the troops

Ivanka Trump Quietly Helped Out After Surfside Tower Collapse, Says Shivanka Drump

An angel in our midst