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Mamma Mia! Italian Man Attempts to Evade COVID Vaccination With Fake Arm

You really have to "hand" it to him ;)

where did the general keep his fake armies

Adele Is Wrong

(About watching 'Real Housewives.')

incorrect women

I Guess Young Prince William Wanted to Cyber With Britney Spears

Can't blame him, really.


12 Days of Gift Guides: Homemade Gifts for When the Supply Chain Isn’t Working

A crafting gift guide to satisfy everyone on your list.

gawker gift guides

The Queen Has a Giant Ball

And you’ll never guess what it’s made of.

the queen's mystery ball

Is Taylor Swift Engaged?

SEO terms related to: Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn, engaged, pregnant, marriage, ‘Red’

taylor swift engaged joe alwyn

The Next American Dynasty? Barbara Bush's Cat Is Engaged to Jerry Seinfeld's Cat

An explainer.

a purrfect match

You Decide: Does This Baby With Hair Look Like Kate Middleton?

‘The Sun’ says yes.

royal hair

The Nerdy Curve

Exploring Hollywood’s insistence that scoliosis is a disease for dorks.


I Sold More Books Than Chris Christie

My book, ‘The Particulars of Peter,’ sold more than 2,289 copies.

my book

The White House Christmas Theme Is a Bit On the Nose This Year

(Rudolph's nose.)

the most wonderful state announcement of the year

Candle Review: Cire Trudon “Mary”

(Not the Virgin.)

candle reviews

Move Over, Gingerbread House — We’re All Making Ourselves Sick on Charcuterie Houses Now

Thank you, Martha.

meat house

Brian Laundrie Died By Suicide :(

An attorney for the Laundrie family confirmed the cause of death on Tuesday.


Devastating: Chris Pratt Will Not Say “It’s-a Me Mario” in New Mario Film

"That's not the tenor of the performance.”

it's a-me, sadness

Everyone at ‘SNL’ (Three People) Is Happy for (Somewhat Willing to Acknowledge) Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

I can feel the warmth from here.


Lala Kent Wino Forever’d Her Rand Tattoo

Now she's bRand new.

rando for never

Jeremy Renner: “I Don't Fuel Shit Fires”

An interesting way to respond to abuse allegations.

the dreaded jeremy renner

Would Basketball Be Better if the Players Didn’t Know the Score?

A possibly genius idea.

sports ideas

The Property Brothers You See Are Not the Property Brothers Zooey Deschanel Sees

Which explains things somewhat.

real eyes realize real lies