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NYC's Newest Glass Box Will Look Great On Instagram — Except for All the Dead Birds

As always, NYC architecture seems designed for avian massacre

Bird Brain

Jeopardy! Has Gained Sentience

And people are hosting it

Hello World

Ed Sheeran’s Life Force Drained by “Hatred”-Filled U.S. Award Shows

Can we get a ritual cleansing up in the VMAs?

How Would You Feel

Regular Food Review: Costco’s Double Chocolate Muffin

Change is not always good

Muffin Mystery

Instagram Struggles With Low Self-Esteem, Too

“Is it my fault?” the app asks after ruining the lives of teens


These Crazy Fucks Want to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth

In the name of science

Ice Age

As a Matter of Fact, Azealia Banks Is Vaxxed, Thanks Very Much

She is not “ACTUALLY an idiot”

Good for Her

Burger King Puts a B-List Twist on the Celebrity Meal

Care for a Cornell Haynes, Jr., Larissa Machado, or Chase Hudson-branded combo?

I'm Lovin It

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Farewell to Mochica, one of the world’s oldest penguins


Drooling Masses Lose Attention Span for YouTube, Prefer TikTok

According to a report on Android users in the U.S. and the U.K., at least

Screen Time

Caitlyn Jenner Supports Right to Choose Things in General

But only if it’s okay with the state


Regular Food Review: Cool Ranch Doritos

Thank you Frito-Lay workers

Out of This World

“Give Me MyPillow Guy or Give Me Death,” Says Capitol Rioter on Way to Prison

Was going back to jail worth it just to watch Mike Lindell’s online symposium?

An Intelligent Man

Everybody Poops? Tennis Community Not So Sure

Stefanos Tsitsipas should be applauded for keeping it regular

Mind Your Own Business

I Pay My Taxes and I Want a Bib

Why must cleanliness be reserved for the baby class?

Innovative Thinking

Here’s Why You Should Super Follow Me on Twitter

Assuming I can get @jack to enable it for me

My Only Fans

Something Else to Consider When Redecorating: Can You See the Bugs

Interior design 101

Entomological Digest

Regular Food Review: Hotel Waffle

Time makes fools of us all

It's Fine

The Thinking Person’s Icebreaker Questions

For when you don’t want to say your favorite animal that starts with the same letter as your name


Cow Moment

Big beautiful bovine hijinks