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Black Hole Is Also Birth Hole, Astronomers Discover

She’s a hole, she’s a destroyer of light, she’s a mama

Space Mother

Restaurant That Asked for Woof of Vaccination Violated COVID Protocols

(Woof of vaccination is dog pics)

Bow Wow

Regular Food Review: Korean Egg Drop Sandwich

I know what the sauce looks like

Sweet & Savory

Things Kyrsten Sinema Has Ruined

The limit does not exist

Democracy Dies in Fuchsia

Surgeon Punished for Signing His Work Like a True Artist

So canvases are free game but unconscious patients’ organs aren’t?

Hippocratic Oath Found Dead

Attention Hollywood: Medieval War Horses Were Little Ponies

We’ll fix it in post


Loser Rips Off Game That Brings Everyone Joy

Wordle doesn’t deserve this


Energy Company Sorry for Telling Cold Customers to Cuddle Pets for Warmth

OVO Energy recognized that its suggestions were “poorly judged and unhelpful”

Have Mercy

This Little Piggy Donated a Heart (to a Human)

The medical community is going hog wild

Scientific Breakthrough

TikTok Trends Forecast Forecast: Forgetting You Go to the ‘Euphoria’ High School

Predicting how some funny little dress-up videos will be ground into fodder for takes in the content mines

Styles Desk

Cinereous Vulture Can’t Get It Up (in the Air) (Twice)

A near-threatened raptor that crash-landed in Singapore failed two flight attempts after rehabilitation

Prayers for Bird of Prey

Pitch: 7 Roles for Tom Holland Since Sony Passed on His Young James Bond Idea

He was born to play the teenage versions of Hollywood’s middle-aged leading men

Extreme Photoshop

Notorious Manuscript Thief Bookwormed a Little Too Close to the Sun

Simon & Schuster UK employee Filippo Bernardini has been arrested for allegedly stealing hundreds of unpublished works

Crime of Passion

Study Suggests You Are an Idiot

Just because you read a lot about celebrities doesn’t mean you lack cognitive skill, okay

Uncalled For

French President Macron Vows to “Piss Off” Unvaccinated Constituents

In French, you don’t say “to piss off,” you say “emmerder,” and I think that’s beautiful

Hon Hon Hon

Dogs Are Incredible: Hiker-Saving Alaskan Malamute Edition

Dogs save lives… and hearts


Regular Food Review: Diner Omelet and Hash Browns

Universally beloved

Brunch Beautiful

‘Queer Eye’ Forgot to Check the Yelp Reviews on This Honky-Tonk Woman

Did no one vet this place before working gay magic on an alleged dance hall racist?

TV Magic

Pro-Vax Sheep and Goats Form Outline of Giant Syringe

Cute animals against COVID

Fuzzy Faucis

Reviewing NYC Mayor Eric Adams’s First 3 Days in Office

Each activity is rated on a scale of one to 10 big apples

Empire State of Mind