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Old-Ass Fossils Even Older Than Previously Thought

The elderly origins of humankind

Age Is Just a Number

Regular Food Review: Mini Milk Chocolate Bars

Rapture in a bar

Break Me Off a Piece of That

I Was Wrong About

A series of reconsiderations and mea culpas.

On Second Thought

Miss Type

A column about etiquette in the digital age


Regular Food Review: Chilaquiles

This is what peak breakfast looks like


Regular Food Review: Pizza by the Sea

One for the memory bank

Sunset Pie

Net Positive

A series about nice places and things on the world wide web.


Regular Food Review: Dippin’ Dots

Some things are better left in the past

Core Memory Unlocked

Regular Food Review: Japanese Curry and Tofu Katsu Over Rice

Low effort, high reward

Easily Attainable

Regular Food Review: Frozen Burrito

Hot and cold disgrace

Nuke It

Regular Food Review: Tous Les Jours Cloud Cake

Tender and light

Many Happy Returns

TikTok Trends Forecast Forecast: That Slow Dance in ‘Fresh’

Predicting how a moderately viral clip will be obsessed over ad nauseam

Love Bites

Regular Food Review: Gyoza With Wings

Poetically tasty

Darling Dumplings


Queen Elizabeth and her royal spawn


Regular Food Review: NYT’s Tres Leches Cake

Someone messed up

Hole-y Dessert

Modest Meteorite-Proof Doghouse Available for Reasonable Price

Considering it survived a flaming hunk of space debris

Deals Deals Deals

The Queen Is Alive and Eats Chocolate

Sweet treats to dull the pain


Ed Sheeran Gets His Crypt

Congrats, little guy, you deserve it

Home Improvement

Why Do People on TikTok Chew Like This?

Pursed lips and vigorous mastication

👁️ 👄 👁️

Chet Hanks Clarifies Why He’s Like That

He didn’t have a strong male role model 😔

America's Dad's Son