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Lydia Tár's Apartment Was a Nazi Bunker

Much like its owner, the design-forward abode has a problematic past.

she did that

M3GAN Is Allowed to Murder

If she's going to look that snatched doing it

it girls

The Try Guys Release First Funny Video

The three remaining survivors address the big controversy, and I’m feeling all the feels

ned in the water

The Queen to Harry and Meghan: Sit Your Asses Down

Mama Lil is not pleased about the power couple's big “charity” trip.

do stay put

M3GAN Is the It Girl We Need

Her eyes may be dead, but we are living.

who is she?

Bill Maher's Gay Blowjob Trolley Problem

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian-philosopher once again makes us think.

no h8

Will Ben Smith's New Media Venture Be Called 'Soup'?

Slurp slurp, news consumers


Josh Gad: LeFou Should Have Bottomed in 'Beauty and the Beast'

This is what accountability looks like

slay mama

12 Days of Gift Guides: Gifts for People with Bad Taste

They are the backbone of our society.

let's celebrate that

I Am Not Impressed With Actors Who Remain In Character

It would be more impressive if they had to switch back and forth.

a little bit dramatic


Nation celebrates President Kamala Harris as Joe Biden gets ass probed


This Atlantic Writer Has Been a Bad, Bad Boy

Someone is in desperate need of a good yelling

gimme more

Patti Smith Wrote a Poem About Suitcases

Pack your bags


Who Is Jeffers?

We need answers, Rachel Cusk.

problematic men

Goodbye Flop Summer

I think I've seen enough.

broken promises

Recipe: George’s Forbidden Treat

I will not be shamed for taking a culinary risk.

the toast

Facebook: Our Content Is Not Right-Wing, It Just Sucks

Thank you for clarifying


Josh Gad: LeFou Will Get Spitroasted by Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast Prequel Series

Better late than never

queer elders rejoice

Are Movies Dying?

Let’s see what the experts have to say

Little Islands in the Stream