Fran Hoepfner

Elon Musk Tweets Through Sexual Harassment Allegations

"Elongate" broke

women be talking

Speedrunning: It’s Cool When Little Guys Go Fast

Even if you aren’t an avid gamer you can enjoy these videos

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Harry Styles Denies Falling in Love with His Boss (Olivia Wilde)

Instead he told Howard Stern she was "very helpful" (?) on set

watermelon sugar sigh

No One Is Actually Excited About Buff Natalie Portman

Stop lying

vox sux

Kelly Reichardt Shouldn't Have To Put Up With Bard Students

But she does for health insurance

Liberal Arts

It's Nude-ney, Bitch

Britney Spears can post whatever she wants


Austin Butler Was Doing Elvis Voice at the Met Gala

Good for him

heartbreak motel

Everything About the Depp/Heard Trial Is a Huge Bummer

Amber has taken the stand

heard's word

Amber Heard About The Headlines

The actor's last-ditch attempt to switch PR teams is unlikely to stem the tide of negative coverage

heard's word

Film Fan Serves Olivia Wilde Custody Papers at CinemaCon

The director was handed a manila envelope while presenting her new movie

Do Worry Darling

Misha Collins Un-Says Gay

The Supernatural actor is not bisexual

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Another Sideshow Act at the Depp/Heard Circus

It’s giving Ryan Murphy

willy womp-a

The Hotel Bar Is the New Regular Bar

Let tourists think you're mysterious while you enjoy an overpriced drink

see and be seen

‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’ Wants You To Love Movies

Unfortunately it's hard to love this one

Caged Heat

This is Chef John, from Food Wishes

The wholesome Youtube chef should be your go-to online cooking resource

net positive

Ezra Miller, Go Home

It's time to leave the people of Hawaii in peace

awful beasts and where to find them

Do You Have Poster’s Disease?

Signs and symptoms to watch out for

doctor, doctor

What Does Gen Z See in Johnny Depp?

On TikTok, he's a "whole ass mood." Now his stans have flooded the comments section of his defamation trial's live feed.

Willy Womp-a

Anna Marie Tendler Will Take Your Picture on This Couch

It will cost $250

Portrait Of A Lady

Al Pacino’s Iconic iPhone

Wired headphones and a Shrek case? Outstanding.

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