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Eulogy for Julia Fox’s Back Tat

Gone but not forgotten


‘Catherine Called Birdy’ Is Lena Dunham’s Best Work to Date

The writer/director's YA adaptation will win over audiences of all ages


Noted Gender Theorist Olivia Wilde Puts Worries to Rest on Colbert

Finally, the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ press tour is boring

kate berlant innocent

Brad Pitt Joins Celeb Skincare Race With Genderless Grape Serums

Brought to you by a guy who had to be taught to wash his face

god's true moisturizer

A Conversation with Ben Hard from 'The Come Up,' Who Is Also My Neighbor

Freeform's Gen Z reality show hit a little too close to home (literally)

up and comer

'The Woman King' Is a Glorious Epic

See it big, see it loud

al pacino voice what a picture

Why Did Warner Bros. Shut Down Screenings of an Indie ‘Joker’ Movie?

As soon as it premiered, it was gone

send in the clowns

'Babylon' Trailer SHOCKS With Very Cool Cussing, Violence, and Drugs


la la long movie

Jason Sudeikis Was Also Served On Stage... With an Emmy

Olivia Wilde's bad year gets worse

midwestern nice

We Love Her: Amanda Seyfried

Congrats on the Emmy :)

love brings us together

Emily Ratajkowski Files for Divorce From That Guy She Was Married To

Her body, her divorce

book 2 when

Emmys 2022 Predictions: It’s Sydney Sweeney’s Year

A lot of awards to go around but most of them will go to HBO

ray donovan: the movie

Olivia Wilde Is Acting Her Ass Off (In the Ongoing DWD Press Tour)

Though no amount of "everything is fine" coverage will lead me to believe everything is fine

horse girl energy

Is Olivia Wilde Headed to 'Director Jail'?

An analysis

director restorative justice

Olivia Wilde Should Win Best Director for the ‘Don't Worry Darling’ Venice Premiere

The long-awaited premiere was the most cinematic event of the year thus far

spit take

J.K. Rowling's Newest Thousand-Page Tome is All About Her Bad Time on Twitter

It was cancel culture in the study — with a knife!

infinite pest

Was the Applause for Johnny Depp at the VMAs Fake?

VMA attendees allege they never saw the actor’s Moon Person cameo

depp fake (like deep fake)

What Made You Think Sydney Sweeney and Her Family Were Normal?

Joke's on you for thinking a Euphoria girlie is regular

just valedictorian things

Shia Labeouf to Olivia Wilde: You Can't Fire Me; I Quit!

The newly Catholic actor is not turning the other cheek

im too worried darling

Ranking Films From That One Production Company We All Love

Sony Pictures Classics