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Consumerism Report: The $499 Sweat Bag for Virtuous Women

I’m a little burrito


Activism Works — Against the Activist Show

Julianne Hough continues to listen deeply

cancel culture

Nicki Minaj's Cousin's Friend's Testicles Destroy Beleaguered Health Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

The Barbz vs. the vaccine

my cousin's friend

Julianne Hough's Publicist Is Deeply, Profoundly Aware of Words That Signify Personal Growth

“At the root of activism is a fight against capitalism and the trauma that it cause so many people.” -@juleshough

shiny capitalistic endeavors

Free Jojo Siwa

Nickelodeon's got its grip around her beautiful ponytail.

political organizing

There Should Be a Netflix Minus

I want whatever the opposite of premium content is, all in one place

zero sum
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Like America Herself, Bill DeBlasio Will For Some Reason Be a Feature of the Met Gala

No word on if he's at the cool table

return to werk

This Firm Helping Canceled CEOs is Run by Dweebs and Cowards

How would they know what to do?

post hole

"ACAB" -Queen Elizabeth

Lilibet Senior is changing the system from the inside

Scandale Royale

The Facebook Ray-Bans Are Nostalgia Mining 2013

Ugh, take me back to when Argo won Best Picture


Read the Satanist Erotica So Steamy It Made a Bishop Leave the Church

As translated by someone with middle school comprehension of Spanish

Galatians 5:19

Bigot Reviews Bigot for NYT Book Review

Jesse Singal's brave take on dinner companion Helen Joyce's new book

locker room talk

Consumerism Report: The $799 Bed Air Conditioner Whose Environmental Toll Keeps Me Up at Night

If anything, my ass is now too cold

climate control

NYC Councilman Reminds New Yorkers to Check Their Privilege at the Leaking Door

Some people don't even have buckets

toxic positivity

Ilinois Woman Arrested in Hiwaii with Fake Vacsine Card

Totally not me

madern woman

5 Ways to Honor the Memory of Princess Di Today

Some respectful suggestions

the oligarchy

Come Back Cameron Diaz

On her 49th birthday, an elegy for what could have been

good morning angels

This Is Hell


other people

Consumerism Report: The $20 Exfoliating Fish That Got My Feet River-Season Ready

Sure, I’ll dive in


Stop Calling Your Boyfriend "P." Online

Don't make me bear witness to your sick little intimacies