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Desperate Winter Recipe: Sheet Pan S'mores

A safer but sadder alternative to cooking with an open flame

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The Pagan Origins of Blue Monday

This winter holiday springs from ancient Briton ingenuity


Thought Experiment: What Would the Queer Eyes Change About You?

A gorgeous new way to hurt your own feelings

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The Colors of 2022 Are This '90 Day Fiancé' Star's Hair

The trend forecasters fell asleep in front of the TV

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2020 Won't Let Up: Robert Durst Is Dead

TV and film's most evil villain hobbled among us



Prince Andrew has to sell his Swiss escape to fund his alleged rape bills

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Nate Silver's Greatest Hits

LOLing and polling with FiveThirtyEight

99% angel 1% devil

Catholic Church Makes Critical Misstep

A once-pristine reputation now sullied

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What Can Meghan Markle Buy with Her $1.36 Legal Victory

Can the Duchess use the windfall from her 'Daily Mail' lawsuit to reclaim the narrative for the fifteenth time?

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This Year We’re Flushing Out Our Noses

Get a neti pot


And Just Like That ... I Fell For Another Deceitful Headline About Kim Cattrall

Samantha is not wasting her breath on us

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Elizabeth Holmes Is a Woman

Media critics agree on at least that much.

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Kathy's Revenge: Andy Cohen Reportedly Fired from CNN (UPDATED)

Time to bring in the D list


Deplatform Balloon Guy

He’s a threat to national security

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Inside Justin Long’s Blue Crush

This tall man bags the bard of Instagram, Kate Bosworth


New New Year's Traditions

We have to go bigger and more superstitious for 2022

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Year-End Self Assessments

All the posts were objectively perfect. We're just tough critics.

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The Year I Got Back Online

Returning to an internet where, suddenly, everyone was calling themselves dumb sluts

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Trend Forecast: Hunkering Down in 2022

In-bedroom shrimp tanks are the new Sopranos


What's Up With Jojo Siwa's New Girlfriend?

The TikTok sleuths are on it

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