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12 Days of Gift Guides: Ursula Le Guin Le Gift Guide

It's nice to give people books

Gawker Gift Guide

Dear Fuck-Up: When Does Flirting Cross the Line?

I slide into someone's DMs every now and then, but never with the intention to cheat


Some Euphemisms for Sex I've Seen While Shopping for a Bed Frame

They're not great

Beast With Two Backs

Dear Fuck-Up: Oh Shit I Think I Want to Fall in Love

This is terrible.

Ask A Fuck-Up

Dear Fuck-Up: How Do I Tell My Partner I've Slept With Lots of My Friends

Is this a fifth date conversation?

Ask A Fuck-Up

Kindly Stop Telling Me Which College You Attended

I don't understand what it means

I'm Sorry

Dear Fuck-Up: Can I Beg My Brother to Forgive Our Alcoholic Mom?

I am distraught at the thought of losing my family.


Dear Fuck-Up: Should I Settle for a Person Who Feels Safe?

He is caring and accepts all my baggage.

Ask A Fuck-Up

Dear Fuck-Up: I Feel Old and Washed Up

I’m starting to resent my more successful friends.

Ask A Fuck-Up