Kanye West knows a thing or two about life. Last week—as part of community service for assaulting an 18-year-old kid who verbally attacked his wife, Kim Kardashian—Kanye stopped by L.A. Trade Technical College and schooled a group of unsuspecting students in Yeezus 101.

Complex interviewed Andre Pitts, a 19-year-old visual communications major, about Kanye's surprise, two-hour visit. "He spoke about, you know, life in general and about his inspirations and whatnot," Pitts said. Below, four important lessons from Professor Yeezy.

Lesson 1: Success ≠ Rolex

He was giving examples of different things and saying that having a Rolex or a Benz is not something that actually represents your success because there's always something more expensive to buy. So, he was saying that success was really being able to do things for others as well as the people around you and yourself.

Lesson 2: The Illuminati is (probably) real

And then someone finally did actually ask about the Illuminati, and I don't want to say too much because he did tell the truth this time but I don't have it on film so I cant really back that stuff up, but he did talk about that topic.

Lesson 3: Be Kanye

Someone asked if he listens to his own music, or if he listens to other people's music. He said he likes to listen to his own music since he thinks he's the best artist, still.

Lesson 4: No, but seriously, be more like Kanye and follow your passions despite what the haters tell you

He said that he doesn't care about his Grammys but he thinks of them as reference points. And that he can point back to them and say, "I've proven that I can do this, so I should be able to do this." So that's what he was trying to get out, that he feels that he is able to do these things but that he's being shot down by the fashion industry.

[Image via; h/t Complex]