In the good old days, college students had respect for their elders. But now, it seems, we live in a time when it's considered "okay" for a tenured professor to be dismissed from his job just for suggesting that a student suck his dick. Has political correctness gone too far?

Inside Higher Ed reports on the case of Robert Ammon Jr., who had a perfectly respectable job as a professor and chair of the sports management department at Slippery Rock University [ed.: Yes, yes. Get it out. Slippery... Rock... HAHAHA. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS SLIPPERY AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS ROCK (HARD) (SEX)??]. But Ammon's career now lies in tatters. He's been dismissed from his job in disgrace. Last week, he lost his appeal. He is finished in the academic world. Why? All because the jack-booted "P.C." thugs that control higher education have brainwashed our daughters into believing that there is something "dirty" or "unnatural" about the human body— specifically, the mouth part of your daughter's human body, when it is the subject of discussion from a college professor.

In 2010, he led 19 students on a spring break trip to Spain. A student complained about a night Ammon accompanied students to a bar, asked each student how many sexual partners they had had, and said that he had had 100 partners, five of them after he was married. Also that night, a student asked Ammon to name his favorite student, and he reportedly said that one of the female students in the group would be his favorite "if she sucked his dick."

Now this esteemed educator is out of a job. I hope you're happy, "P.C." army.

What next— female sports management teachers?

[Inside Higher Ed. Photo: FB]