Western Kentucky University professor John All fell 70 feet and into an icy crevasse while conducting climate research on Mount Himlung in the Himalayas. With a broken arm and ribs, it took him hours to climb out.

"Well I'm very well fucked," All starts his series of videos of his slow and steady ascent up the ice. He knew that another fall would likely be disastrous. Per CNN:

"It probably took me four or five hours to climb out. I kept moving sideways, slightly up, sideways, slightly up, until I found an area where there was enough hard snow that I could get an ax in and pull myself up and over," he told HLN's "RightThisMinute" on Thursday.

"I knew that if I fell at any time in that entire four or five hours, I, of course, was going to fall all the way to the bottom of the crevasse. Any mistake, or any sort of rest or anything, I was going to die."

After finally climbing out, All hiked the three hours back to his tent, where a rescue team was able to find him the next morning.

[H/T Hypervocal]