A professional surfer and model is being held on a million dollar bail after she allegedly tried to kill an elderly woman in Hawaii.

Police say surfer Jill Hansen followed 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin home in a fit of rage and attacked her, driving over Conklin with her car.

A maintenance worker says Hansen then put her Volkswagen Passat in reverse and prepared to run Conklin over again.

To stop her, the worker allegedly bashed Hansen's back window in with a crowbar. At that point, police say, Hansen abandoned her car and took off on foot.

Police eventually traced the vehicle to Hansen and arrested her last week.

Conklin was hospitalized in serious condition with cuts and a head injury. She told reporters she thinks Hansen was trying to steal her car.

Hansen apparently has a history of violent behavior, and there are online forums dedicated the way she drives.

This isn't her first run in with police. She has a pending assault case and in a separate case was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

There is also an active restraining order filed by her father. According to the court documents, her father says she used Facebook to find someone to murder him and his family.

[image via Facebook]