According to a New York Post source, Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, the prison worker accused of helping two convicted murderers escape, had sex with one of them in a closet at least 100 times. “Wait, that’s not what I heard,” her husband told NBC :(

A former prisoner, Erik Jensen, told the paper he saw Tillie and convicted cop killer David Sweat flirt up a storm during the eight months he spent behind bars, and said the relationship was an open secret at the workshop where Tillie oversaw the inmates.

Joyce made Sweat her head tailor, which put him behind a desk instead of a sewing machine. She often appeared giddy with excitement when they interacted, Jensen said.

“The way I can describe it is in high school, when one of the good-looking jocks looks at the ugly girl or asks her to the prom — that look on her face. She was ecstatic,” Jensen said.

During lunchtime, when the inmates headed off to the mess hall for chow, Sweat would stay behind in the tailor shop with Joyce, Jensen said.

“Mitchell would bring him Subway sandwiches, hamburgers,” he said.

“The day after Labor Day, she brought in barbecue chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers . . . She put it inside a Styrofoam tray to make it look like it came from the mess hall.”

Jensen claimed Tillie and Sweat would go inside a stockroom under the guise that they were “counting the clothes” sewn by the other inmates.

“He was getting it on with her,” Jensen said. “Or she was doing sexual favors for him.”

According to reports, the prison launched an investigation and transferred Sweat out of Tillie’s workshop. Tillie, it would appear, was eventually able to move on.

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