The husband of Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, the prison worker accused of helping two convicts escape prison earlier this month, said his wife did not have sex with the allegedly big-dicked murderer Richard Matt. Lyle Mitchell told Matt Lauer in an interview on TODAY this morning that his wife claims Matt (the murderer, not Lauer) tried to kiss her “a couple times” but that’s all. Sure buddy.

“She swore on her son’s life that definitely, ‘Never have I ever had sex’ [with Matt or Sweat],” he said.

Mitchell also claims he was oblivious to his wife’s alleged role in Matt and David Sweat’s escape until after she’d been interviewed by police several times. Finally, after a police investigator told him that Joyce was “more involved than what’s she’s letting on,” Mitchell confronted her.

She said, ‘I just — I did some things … and I got over my head.’ I didn’t know what to say. I was just … disbelief, shock.”

According to Mitchell, the couple’s life before the escape was “excellent”

“We never fight,” he said. “We’re together, I’ll bet you, 95 percent of the time. We work together, we never leave the house unless we’re together.”

Mitchelle still isn’t sure if he’ll testify against her or if he’ll stand by her after the trail. “As of right now, I don’t know what to think. I do not know,” he said. ”Do I still love her? Yes. Am I mad? Yes. How could she do this? How could she do this to our kids?

As for Matt and Sweat, authorities still have no idea where they are, though yesterday authorities reportedly found a pair of one of the convict’s underwear in a cabin a few miles from Clinton Correctional Facility.

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